In 2012, Britt Moore started creating under the name, Galaxy pharaoh. A year later while working in a jewelry apprenticeship, galactic Alchemy Jewelry was born. Galactic, because creative potential is as astronomical as the galaxy. Alchemy, because thoughts and feelings from the ether are transformed into earthly & wearable  representations.


Although the source of her creativity is fueled by many things such as astronomy, ancient royalty, abstraction, mysticism, and color, She finds her deepest well of inspiration  in the process of creating something out of nothing.She never knows what her designs will look like before She begins and this mystery is what creates the excitement and curiosity Needed to stay inspired.  Often she relies upon  her intuition and the concept of “going with the flow” to keep momentum as her designs emerge from Ether to Earth. By letting go of desired outcomes, she open myself to a galaxy where anything is possible.


her design process celebrates history by using the age-old technique of lost wax casting. Each piece is hand sculpted and finished. This  approach leaves her creations to be as unique as the adorned.


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